Our partner and supplier in Morocco: ARGAMSI Sarl, located at 85,000 Tiznit at Jardins du Souss N ° 214. (Morocco)

The Argamis production center has been notified by the European Community since 2008 and according to the new regulation of the CPNP of 07/2013,

For the Exportation of Organic Argan Oil ARGAMIS, ARGAN SOUSS and MARY LOYS, Organic Hydrolates, Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil (cactus oil) within the European Union in accordance with the regulations in force Moreover, since 09/02/2012,

it has received the Organic Certification of Ecocert MA-BIO-154 (Organic Agriculture of Morocco)

For non-roasted Argan oil, roasted Argan oil, Cactus seed oil, organic rose water,

Orange blossom water (Brigaradier) Bio.

Organic nigella oil, organic sesame oil, nopal flower macerate in argan oil.

At each import of Organic Argan Oil in Europe (EU) and USA (USDA NOP) Argan oil is analyzed by the laboratory of the Moroccan Ministry of Exports.

(EACCE) Which guarantees for our customers the veracity of the product and the Pure and Natural character.